MultiTize Eco Friendly Multipurpose Spray 1 x 5ltr Tub
  • MultiTize Eco Friendly Multipurpose Spray 1 x 5ltr Tub

    1 x MultiTize 5ltr Tub


    Like our wipes our sprays can be used on all surfaces and kills 99.9% of bacteria germs and virus's in under 30 seconds leaving a smear free sanitised surface. Our solutions are classed as biodegradable, Vegan, Halal, Alcohol Free and Eco Friendly. All packaging including the spray bottles and triggers are made from 100% Recycled plastics and are full Recyclable. Our Sprays promote uncompromised hygiene, alongside outstanding cleaning performance. i-Tize specialist Alcohol Free Sprayable Solutionshave been optimised to leave a sparkling clean surface without harming the environment and the integrity of your equipment and surfaces.


    Biodegradable, Sustainable, Compostable


    Alcohol Free, User Friendly, Dermatologically tested. UK's No.1 Gym Wipe


    Vegan Product, Halal Approved, Recyclable Packaging, Not Tested on Animals.


    Alcohol Free - Non Toxic - Safe on all surfaces including VDU's


    Kills: 99.99% of germs & Bacteria including Coronavirus, Norovirus, flu virus, and MRSA


    Fast Acting: Kills germs & Bacteria in under 30 seconds, Made in the UK


    Can be used on any surface in any situation


    Natural Lemon Scented


    Our products contain STERiZAR, an alcohol free advanced multi surface cleaner and sanitiser that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ-killing products available today. This ground breaking cleaner is effective within 30 seconds, kills 99.9999% of bacteria and destroys all tested viruses (eg: Coronavirus + Norovirus) yet contains no irritants within its formulation. Selected cationic Biocides gives MultiTize the effectiveness to destroy bacteria yet remain harmless to the environment. Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology STERiZAR forms a long lasting barrier onto surfaces that continues to work for up to 30 days after the initial application. Tested BS EN 13697. The

    i-Tize range of products is widely considered to be the complete infection control package yet still being safe for the environment and individual.



    Fighting COVID-19 sustainably. We strongly believe that one can create a fun and safe experience for guests and staff whilst still adhering to the strictest environmental cleaning controls. As this has become more and more important for major venues and councils, we have spent a great deal of time to find the most ecological products that will still take the fight to COVID-19. We use eco friendly companies that have a focus on sustainability, recycling, environmental impact and avoiding animal cruelty. i-Tize's product range is clinically proven to not be harmful to humans or animals and it is non-corrosive. it is also Halal and have no alcohol or bleach in them. All products come in completely recyclable containers and are safe for use around food and beverage.

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